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Become an IG hero with your vape juice choices

Instagram has really enable people from all walks of life regardless of background to become instant celebrities. Back in the day to become a celebrity, you have to be invited to some sort of TV show at the very least; you have to be the subject of some sort of news special. With this mass media attention, people get expose to you and can make up their mind as to whether you are a genuine celebrity or not. There was a certain top down or insider bias to how celebrities were forged as recently as 10 years ago.

Well, this all change with the rise of mobile phones. Starting with the iPhone and its ability to load apps like Instagram, people voted in a very democratic and well distributed way who they think celebrity should be. And don’t think that this is just a simple matter of empty likes and retweet and other social signal “noise”, it goes beyond that. Because when you got popular on platforms like YouTube, this translates to popularity on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, that there’s this whole interconnected eco system where popularity on one platform is distilled and exaggerated in another platform which then triggers another surge of popularity on another platform, and this revolving cascade of a digital attention translates to actual internet media celebrity status.

Somehow, someway bloggers hear about your antics or find out about who you are and would love to know more about your persona, so they write blog post about you. Sooner or later, videos get released and this really leads to a self-reinforcing organic media process that produces genuine celebrities. Why? These people actually buy stuff; they’re not just curious; they’re not just pointing their finger and laughing; they’re actually looking to figure out what you are about. Believe it or not, a lot of the celebrities on Instagram make five to six figures every single year just by being on Instagram. I know that sounds crazy – it’s definitely unprecedented, but it happens all day, every day because brands get the kind of traction they’re looking for due to the intense following of these people.

So, how does this relate to your vape juice choices? Understand what you choose to put in your body and your choice of vape juice or e-juice or e-liquids impact your total persona. Instagram is really all about persona. So, if you are more mindful and methodical regarding the persona you project on social platforms, don’t be surprised if you develop a fairly intense of following which trace its origins in no small part to what you choose to consume.

So, your vaping choices can go a long way in helping you look cool, look conservative, or orthodox, or somewhere in between just as your choices in clothing and the images you post on the internet have a big role to play and how others would pursue you in the world of digital media. You have to understand we live in a post-modern world where things are not what they seen and guess what? Everybody is happy with that reality. Everybody could live with it because there are no fixed rules. You can be a complete and total zero one day, and thanks to the amazing dynamics of social media, be the next great hero the day after. Isn’t that awesome? So, do yourself a big favor. Pay careful attention to choices you make because they have an impact on your social media appeal.

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