Do diploma mills really exist?

There is a pervasive methology in certain areas of academia regarding diploma mills.

A myth

There is a pervasive methology in certain areas of academia regarding diploma mills. They are saying that there are certain institutions that exist with the only purpose of giving out diplomas like they are pieces of toilet paper. In other words, people only need to show up, pay the tuition, and stick around for long enough for them to get a piece of paper called a diploma.
Now, on the surface, this might seem possible. But if you look at the different parts of the story, it doesn’t make any sense. Seriously, why would somebody show up and be physically counted at a certain place when they can just buy a fake diploma? It doesn’t make any sense. So the fact that they showed up, means they are at least putting some effort. For you to find somebody physically present in any geographic region requires some sort of effort or conscious intention. It’s not like people just show up there by accident. So the whole idea of diploma mill really boils down to whether these organizations who hand out these diplomas are part of the quote and quote “acceptable establishment”. That’s the real issue. Because if your educational institution believes in opening up the whole educational mafia so to speak to a wide range of people who may not have the time, effort, and energy to go through a regular four-year university program, then you look like an outsider, you look like somebody who’s rocking the boat.
These types of education institutions stick out like a sore thumb and it’s not a surprise that more traditional educational organizations would label them as diploma mills. Basically, they’re saying that you are handing out the stuff like candy. These people do not really deserve to graduate with a college degree. I disagree. Seriously. I strongly disagree with this because if somebody is going to show up and at least read the book and take the test, they deserve it. They went through the program, they stuck to it, they could have easily dropped out or worst shit they could have gotten fake degrees.
But no! They went through the program and they deserve respect. I really think that the whole label of quote” diploma mill” is a political term. It’s intended to insult certain organizations. It’s intended to court put organizations in their place. It’s pathetic. It’s deplorable and it really re betrays the kind of bias certain organizations have. At the end of the day, a lot of this diploma mills graduates might even outperform the graduates of quote “prestigious” academic institutions.

Ultimately, when it comes to the whole concept of ‘diploma mills,’ you really have to focus on the quality of the graduates. Seriously. Why? It’s the graduates who will have to get the job and lead companies. In other words, regardless of the piece of paper in their hands and the name of the institution on that paper, the person is the one doing the work. Focus on the quality of the human capital. This is the key and this is the reason why many smaller companies always outclass their larger and slower competitors. These smaller guys focus on what works and don’t allow themselves to get deluded by institutional ‘branding.’